As an example, we will add like component to Clickvote website.

Install Clickvote client library

As of now, we have client library only for React. More coming soon.

Get started by installing Clickvote React library:

npm i @clickvote/react

Sign up to Clickvote cloud

Create a free Clickvote account (no credit card required).

Try Clickvote Cloud

Create a new vote

Go to votes page to create a new vote. Click on a Add Vote button.

Clickvote Votes Pages

Add new vote

Give some name to your new vote and select a type (single for likes, range for ratings). Click Save.

Clickvote Save Vote

Save new vote

Integrate Clickvote into a website

After you saved the vote, you should see this page:

Clickvote Snippet Page

Clickvote snippet page

In a top right corner you can select a type of the component you want (likes or upvotes). Then, you can simply copy and paste provided snippet into your website.

In Clickvote Vote actually refers to a group of votes. So for instance, we want to include likes component on every page of Clickvote website. Obviously, we don’t need to create a new vote for each of the pages.

All the components will share the same id, but they will have different voteTo. Basically, voteTo indicates an item inside of vote group. It can be any string, for example name of the page or URL:

return (
      apiUrl: "",
      publicKey: "pb_zCKP4ozxpkxXJyIpfmWIpsE8wgH5BAXF",
      userId: visitor,
    <ClickVoteComponent id="clickvote-likes" voteTo={window.location.href}>
      {(props) => <LikeBtn {...props} />}

Another important attribute is a userId. Currently Clickvote requires it to identify user and prevent the same person from doing multiple votes.

After you added this snippet to your website, you should see a live clickable component.

Yay, you just integrated Clickvote into your website!

Live Clickvote component

Next steps

Check out our guides to learn more about Clickvote: