Prerequisite You should have installed Node.js (version 16 or higher) and Docker.

Clone repo

Clone Clickvote repo:

git clone

This step should clone Clickvote repo into a clickvote folder on your computer.

Start MongoDB and Redis

Go to clickvote folder and run the following command:


This command will create MongoDB and Redis Docker containers for you (you should have Docker daemon running). It will also attach Docker volumes to these containers, so the data will persist between restarts.

By default MongoDB will be served at mongodb://localhost:27017/clickvote and Redis at redis://localhost:6379.

Setup env variables

Run this command:

npm run setup

It will prompt you for env variables (you can use all default values if you started MongoDB and Redis using ./ Also this command will install all libraries for you.

Run frontend and backend

npm run web

This command will run frontend and backend services. You can access frontend at http://localhost:4200, backend is running at http://localhost:3000.

Run websockets and consumers

Run this command:

npm run upvotes

It will run websockets and consumers services for you. Websockets are running at http://localhost:3001.

Modify React component

If you want to modify Clickvote React component and see how it changes in realtime together with a live websocket connection, use this command:

npm run dev:react-component

It will start Storybook for your at http://localhost:4400. There you will be able to see how React components look like and even interact with them! (make sure websockets are running.)

To authenticate with websockets server, copy paste public key and id from a vote setup page (see here how to create a new vote.)